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Who We Are

The  SPCA of Polk County, is a NO-KILL animal shelter that serves the  residents of Polk County & surrounding communities. It is a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated primarily by volunteers that  relies on compassionate friends to enable it to perform its life-saving  work. It receives no federal, state or local tax support, United Way  funding nor any support from HSUS or ASPCA. It is dedicated to working  with the community and with other animal rescue organizations to (1)  educate people regarding responsible pet care, (2) reunite lost animals  with their owners, (3) provide humane care while seeking loving,  compatible, forever homes for animals in its temporary custody, and (4)  provide humane euthanasia if it is determined that an animal’s behavior  or medical issues leave no other options.

Volunteer cuddling Chihuahuas

What We Do

Our goal is to protect animals in need, caring for them to the best of our ability. First, we try to reunite them with their owners. Then, we seek suitable homes for animals without owners. Only when absolutely necessary do we euthanize.


How We Do It

We operate completely on donations from our supporters. We are not funded by other SPCA organizations nor do we receive federal funding. We do have some paid staff, but we wouldn’t survive without our volunteers, working only for a lick, a cuddle, or a wag. Of course we always need more volunteers.

**NOTE: For suspected abuse cases, please contact your local sheriff's office. The SPCA of Polk County is not allowed to intervene in matters of the Law

Our Mission Statement

Our  Mission is to work with people in the community to educate them  regarding responsible pet care, reunite lost animals with their owners  and provide humane care while seeking loving, compatible, forever homes  for animals in our temporary custody.

Meet the Board

Additional Information

Our board of directors provide guidance and outreach to our work. Several seats are open, so if you are interested in serving, please email Carl Feren:

  • Executive Director - Carl Feren
  • Director of Programs - OPEN
  • Director, Finance - Paulette Frenyea
  • Director, Animal Care - Linda Burnett
  • Director, Grants – Susan Moran
  • Director, Transfer Operations - Sheri Grounds
  • Director, Training & Asst. Dir. of Animal Care - Steve Davis
  • Director, Special Events - Carolyn Davis
  • Director, Communications - OPEN
  • Director, Fundraising - OPEN

The SPCA of Polk County is not authorized to, or able to, pick up animals.

Become a Board Member

Become a Board Member