Fostering Saves Lives


By sharing your home, time, and heart with a shelter animal, you provide an invaluable source of love and attention. Not only does fostering free up space at the shelter for another animal in need, but you also increase the fostered animal's chance of getting adopted by providing crucial:

  • Socialization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Specialized Care

While we prefer babies, sickly/recovering, and elderly pets be fostered, ANY animal that you'd like to bring to your home can be fostered. All critters benefit from it, and grow tremendously from your love and care.

Who Gets Fostered?

Puppies and Kittens


Babies require a LOT of care, and it is difficult for them to get all of the attention their developing minds need at the shelter. Just like human babies, kittens and puppies must learn manners, house training, and how to deal with new experiences--early socialization makes the difference between adoptable house pets and feral, unadoptable cats and dogs. Your intervention will literally save lives.

Ill Pets


Many animals come to us needing medical attention like surgeries and regular rounds of antibiotics. Oftentimes these pets need more help than our volunteers are able to give them. Opening up your home enables them to heal in a clean, comfortable place. Animals who get to recover in a home versus the noisy, crowded shelter tend to heal faster, and the socialization they pick up in the process makes them more adoptable.

Elderly Pets


Elderly wards are generally used to being quiet and comfortable. Stress does more damage to their bodies than it does to the younger animals, and many of them do come in requiring medication. They benefit greatly from being in a foster home, where they can receive plenty of love and personalized care. (While not always the case, most of them tend to be housetrained already, too.)

Foster Application

Open Your Heart, Save a Life

Thank you for fostering! You are making a difference!

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