Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)


Q: Is the SPCA of Polk County affiliated with any other SPCA organizations?

A: No, the SPCA of Polk County is an independent, privately-funded organization, and receives no federal assistance

Q: Can you spay/neuter my pet, or offer veterinary services?

A: No, the SPCA of Polk County only handles adoptions and does not have a vet on staff at this time. However, Dehart Vet Services visits the SPCA twice a month, offering affordable spay/neuter procedures. You can check out at their website,

Q: I found a stray, can I bring it to you?

A: We do take strays as long as we have the room and the resources. Even if we don't have space, we encourage people to bring in strays so that we can scan them for microchips. Please call the office at (936) 327-7722 if you'd like to bring in a stray. 

Q: I have a cat/dog I cannot keep. Can you guys take it?

A: We do accept Owner Surrenders if we have the space and the resources, and as long as the animal is not aggressive or seriously ill. Please call the office at (936) 327-7722 to see if we have space. You can also check out the resources on our page Rehoming Your Pet.

Q: Is there a fee to drop off a cat or dog?

A: As of August 7th, 2018, a fee will be required. The amounts are as follows: $25/dog, $50/litter of puppies; $15/cat, $25/litter of kittens.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt a cat or dog?

A: Adoption fees are as follows:

  • Cats:
    • Kittens (0-9 months old)--$60
    • Cats (9 months and up)--$40
  • Dogs:
    • Small Breed Dogs/Puppies--$125
    • Large/Medium Breed Puppies--$75
    • Large/Medium Dogs--$50
    • Seniors and Heartworm Positive Dogs--$50

Q: What does the adoption fee cover?

A: The adoption fee covers a round of shots, de-worming and flea treatments, the rabies vaccination, a microchip, and the spay/neuter surgery. If the animal is too young or hasn't been at the shelter long enough to see a vet, it will come with a voucher that covers those procedures.

Q: Do I have to fix my new pet?

A: Most definitely. The SPCA of Polk County is dedicated to combatting overpopulation. Failure to spay/neuter a shelter pet is a punishable crime.

Q: Do you guys take Pit Bulls?

A: While we do not believe the stigma that Pit Bulls are inherently aggressive, we are unable to take in Pit Bulls.

Q: Do you guys need volunteers? Can I serve my community service hours here?

A: Most definitely. We could always use people to socialize, exercise, and care for the animals. Community service workers and regular volunteers are always appreciated. 

Q: Are Children Allowed to Volunteer?

A: Absolutely. Introducing puppies and kittens to children is a crucial part of the socialization process, so we love it when kids volunteer. Children under 16 require parental supervision.