Rehoming Your Pet


Rehoming a pet can be hard, but it is sometimes necessary. While we do take in Owner Surrenders, we highly encourage owners to explore other avenues before coming to us. Due to our limited space, we are often unable to take in a pet right away, and since we are a no-kill shelter, it can take months for space to become available. If you are looking to rehome a pet, here are some resources that you can use. Keep in mind that finding a new home takes time, persistence, and faith--the right person for your pet IS out there, it may just take time to find them. 

General Tips:

Start NOW

Rehoming a pet takes time. If you know in advance that you are moving, or will be unable to care for a pet in the future, begin the rehoming process now. The right person for your fur-baby is out there, but it could take a few months to find them.

Take Pictures

Get some cute photos of your pet lounging in grass, wearing a silly hat, or with an appealing filter. These pictures will help your pet stand out. People are naturally drawn to pictures with natural lighting.

Long Distance is Okay

The best fit for your pet may not be local. Don't be afraid of long-distance transports! You can work with the potential adopter to figure out a plan. Pets can be transported on airplanes, by car, and by charity groups.

**NEVER List As "Free to a Good Home"

While there are likely more good people out there than bad, there are people out there who would use your pet for fighting or other evil purposes. Always charge some sort of minimal rehoming fee, like $20--at least on the listing. This will help ensure that they will go to someone who will take care of them, and who are adopting for the right reasons.

Social Media



With more than one billion people on Facebook alone, it is a fantastic place to advertise your pet. There are dozens of rehoming groups groups, and they can be found by searching "rehoming pets" in the searchbar. You can request to join the pages you like, and then advertise your pet.

Online Resources


Rehome is a trusted rehoming service sponsored by and The Petco Foundation, and it comes with an application process for the person interested in adopting your pet, as well as on-screen assistance when you're reviewing the application to help you decide if they are a good fit for your pet or not. Rehome will share your pet's profile with other trusted partner sites, ensuring your future pet gets as much exposure as possible.  

"Get Your Pet"

Get Your Pet is a website that connects potential adopters with people needing to rehome their pets, and is free to the person seeking to rehome. 


Google is a fantastic place to find resources. Google "[Pet breed] rescue groups" (for example, if you're trying to rehome a Corgi, search "Corgi rescue groups." Below are some common ones:

For Polk County Locals


Metro Fair on 92.3 The Eagle

For Polk County residents, you can submit a brief description of the pet(s) you are seeking to rehome. They will get  a free ad on The Eagle's morning show, Metro Fair.